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The Elephants

from Glass Language

Jason Christie

post light self
late night post
surface skimming
the spirit, relax

thing ratcheting form; music
while editing Poems around
landscape -- snow Falls,

Except i read ink compacted

in material; a

pretend moment anchored
in coffee, Night space,
longingly, night slips
Onto a daylit page

i resist a surfeit
of notes, unstaffed,
what future do they have?

as if faust won
before any kind of
selves form

a preserve,
a matter of Great privilege,
a time i've used the word:
Wonderment about our son
while rising to greet
the day with coffee

snow incipit
A song aloft at
thirty thousand feet
Streams down loading planes
to my phone, through my

In my life, my children
after all the mess, I
clean our apartment
and stream music
hour after hour

the property market where
history and culture and
privilege manifest as
preset filters that slant sunlight
but Cost too much

i want a tree by the road
as we retreat into joy

To write this poem

and not

ancient fracture

a joy to behold

That hush to begin

still tired and trying

that I sing brighten

Type of poet

thoughts and love, security

Image is code for object

Startles, imprecise

an enfant or

feeling the wind

the mind

a block held


Matter, keen

its own shiny utopia

bleak, sunny morning

pleasant clouds

an end to framing

Takes all kinds

and we pretend

To say come home

but money escapes

this program

of morning as anchor


rain and thunder

a deployment of words

Streaming as vapor past the window

Hidden between letters

That protective

context wholly assembled

all around it

Revealing mornings with you

From language in online forums, our objects


a clip and eclipses
rain escapes
that golden light

To be treated or
button to press?
Speaking of which

Jason Christie is the author of _Canada Pos_t (Snare), i-ROBOT (Edge/Tesseract), Unknown Actor (Insomniac), and a co-editor of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry (Mercury). He has five chapbooks from above/ground press, including: The Charm (2015), and +randomlines = random.choice (2017). He is currently writing poetry about (being) objects, and exaltation.

This originally appeared on October 4, 2017