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The Elephants

Out of the Trance

Elaine Woo


Unwound a spool of time     hung it up to cure
amid blush and white roses enquiring of light
patterned waffles of almond-brown soil
sable-tipped palm tree fronds
big sigh of escaping cars
diminished sun

feet whine, eye lids flicker
waylaid by calluses of malaise,
desire to clasp something/anything
knowing that would allow appeasement

mind ravenous mmmrrhh

lay imaginary foot prints on pavement
set toes in front of each other, step, step off

a mile later, wonder why that didn’t come to mind before

Gazing at My Internal Warts

After Paul Celan

We have met the enemy and he is us.
- Pogo by Walt Kelly

Gouge at them, dig-heave, dig-ho
See-here, see-there

Exit through the fire escape
the open window, the gaping door

Leave me atriums, bay windows
and balmy weather

Reflexively cringe and breathe them
Seeing, breathe them and breathe them

Seconds Rest

Crow lay, shielded by hostas.
Featherless patches, white down silence.
Moments sieve by, seconds rest.
Comrades flock on grass
code-cacophony honoring the fallen.
Black mass: yowling
visible hand unified in bereavement.
Isn’t that something?


brood clouds linger
works defiled
with bitter chocolate stalagmites
loll in the cavern of mouth

read this as self and other poison
labor to remedy     unconscious roots torn
--a home more natural

Mechanical In-equilibrium

force exerted
old sign painter beyond breaking

silence     he plunges
evicts the air

sun: a red ball
ashes rain

Elaine Woo is a poet, librettist, and comics creator. Her debut book is Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions 2014). Her poems are in Grain, Arc Poetry, carte blanche, CWILA's S/tick, Angel House House Press, The Ottawa Poetry Newsletter, and h&. Poems are will be published in the fall in _Prism Internationa_l and Experiment-O. The poems appearing in The Elephants are from a second manuscript. She resides in Cascadia.

This originally appeared on November 1, 2017