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The Elephants

The Elephants are an independent, open-genre press publishing heterodox materials as acts of love and solidarity with the communities in which they’re created. We're with the underdogs.

We publish two books a year, distributed by SPD. In May of each year we accept manuscript submissions to consider for publication. To get that reminder and be notified of new publications (nothing else), sign up here.

The 2017 Records collection was curated by contributing editors: Alexis Almeida, David Buuck, Yanara Friedland, Genevieve Hudson, Andrew Joron, Joseph Massey, Art Middleton, Michael Nardone, Vi Khi Nao, Robert Andrew Andres Perez, Jr., Ed Skoog, and Sarah Vap.

Our advisory board is Omar Berrada, Steve Collis, Jeff Derksen, Chris Nealon, Caryl Pagel, M. NourbeSe Philip, Jonathan Skinner, Juliana Spahr, Mathias Svalina, and Alana Wilcox.

The Elephants are

Broc Rossell, publisher, editor
Lara LeMoal, operations
Jordan Scott, consulting editor
Drew Swenhaugen, book design